Out of Massachusetts: Exploring the grounds of the Seaside Sanatorium in Waterford, CT

As a birthday gift, my good friend Lauren treated me to a few of my favorite things: coffee, a sushi lunch date and a photo adventure to an interesting place. I drove to her place in Connecticut, then she drove us the rest of the way — about an hour further — to Waterford to check out the grounds of the abandoned Seaside Sanatorium. We had explored the Belchertown State School at the end of August, but I didn’t get to shoot any film there. Seaside is significantly more beautiful, I think; it overlooks Long Island Sound, and despite the fact that it was a little overcast when we visited, the sunset was still stunning.

The grounds are open to the public, but the buildings, as with most abandoned buildings on public land, are off limits; we read online before going that nearby residents keep an eye on the area — often for photographers specifically — and call the police when they suspect any trespassing into the buildings. There were a number of locals out for walks while we were there, so we were extra friendly with all of them, but still decided not to try and enter any of the buildings. Which was totally okay because their exteriors seem to be just as picturesque as their insides.

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