It has been a while…

Wow, I hadn’t noticed that I haven’t posted a thing since the end of November. I have an explanation, I swear.

At that time, I completed training at my new job and began working on the night shift. Compounding that timesuck was the elimination of on-site, one-hour film processing at my local drugstores. Now if I want to get my film processed, I have to mail it out.

But three things are fueling my reworking and revival of this site: the opening of a favorite camera shop a short drive from my home, where I can get all types of film mailed out for processing at a reasonable price; a beautiful Mamiya m645 1000s that I found on eBay and managed to snag, for an even more reasonable price; and a new Epson scanner/photo printer, a gift from my wonderful boyfriend that lead to the putting together of my new home office.

So not only am I plotting my return, I will be adding medium format shots to the mix. I’m excited to get back on the blogging wagon and back in touch with my favorite medium for expression.

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