Camping (again) in Tolland State Forest

As I’ve already posted at least twice before, I love when we go camping. We’ve always gone together to Tolland State Forest in Otis, MA for one-night stays. My favorite thing has always been the quiet and the peace, and Tolland State Forest is the perfect spot for when we want to get out of the neighborhood and really relax. I always bring an analogue camera and do my best to keep my phone off and away to really take it all in. This time I brought my current favorite, my Mamiya m645, loaded up with my favorite film, Kodak Portra 400.

This time, I had just taught Brian how to play backgammon, and since we haven’t bought our own board yet, he used what we had access to and made a board for us to play while dinner cooked in the fire.



Camping in Otis with Morgan the Dog

Last summer, Brian and I went on our first camping trip together at this campground in Tolland State Forest. We’d been dying to come back ever since, this time to a waterfront campsite, and found the perfect opportunity one Sunday in September while dog sitting for a few friends who had just gotten married and were away on their honeymoon. Since school was in session and most people work Monday through Friday, the campground was really quiet; we only saw one other occupied campground while we were there. We had the entire peninsula of the grounds to ourselves and, save for some overnight rain and high winds, it was gorgeous and lovely the entire time. Is there any better way to find your inner zen than a good night camping? Not for us (unless it was two or more nights camping…).IMG_1616.JPG