Disposable Days: NYE

This New Year’s Eve, Brian and I had a couple of disposable cameras on us when we went out to one of our favorite local bars. We decided to do a little social experiment and take selfies with strangers, our justification being “hey, it’s New Year’s, so like, why not?” This logic gave us a 100% success rate and not a single person turned us down. We also got a cute photo of the two of us.

The only downside of this experiment was that we gave one of our cameras to a group of girls we met there. They agreed to give the camera back at the end of the night but wound up taking it home, so we only got half of what we were supposed to get in terms of photographs.

Bars, birthdays and two disposable cameras

My friends are all pretty used to having me take pictures of them nonstop. As part of this weekend’s birthday celebrations, I bought two disposable cameras and told them to have at it. The results are hilarious — I can’t actually post a lot of them because they’re just over the border into being inappropriate (read: they expressly asked me not to post them anywhere), but there are a good number of them that I loveĀ and can put online.

I think there’s a lot to be said about disposable cameras. I once met a guy named Josh who would shoot punk shows in his basement using exclusively disposable cameras. His results were impressive, and ever since I had that conversation with him a few years ago I’ve wanted to try shooting a few things with them. The photos all have this nostalgic feel to them that I just love.